January 29, 2017

wedding w(h)ishes - a new wedding feature on hey jules!

oh hello there,
 & happy sunday!

I hope you're all having a magical weekend, it's been beyond lovely for me so far. Pete and I had such a great weekend really relaxing and spending time together. I love making plans and doing lots on the weekend, but I love having days like these with Pete just as much.

For the past (close to) two years, weddings have been a really big part of my life. Well, to be honest they have been for quite a while now! I've been lucky enough to go to a lottttt of wedding over the past seven or eight years. I've been a Bridesmaid eight times, I've been a MC three times, a flower girl once, I've baked the cupcakes for a wedding, I've written the place cards (lol) and now I've even been a bride!

Throughout all of  my wedding experiences and adventures I can think of only amazing, special, and unforgettable memories. I've always loved weddings because how can you not love such an important day that is about nothing but the most special LOVE?

I had so much fun documenting wedding planning and our actual wedding (and there's still even more to come if you can believe it!) and it made me realize I don't want the wedding lovin' to stop!

I'm going to start a new feature on my blog where I share some real, wonderful, incredible weddings! Some may be friends of mine who's wedding I attended, some may be internet friends and besties whom I adore, and some total strangers who I'm a big fan of!

On top of that, I am going to be doing some day-of wedding planning on my spare time. Of course this is something I've wanted to do on the side for a while now. I'll be helping out two of my good pals plan & execute their wedding this July ♥


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