May 9, 2018

tell me something good!

Oh heyyyyyy there! Happy Wednesday! Is it just me, or are the days and weeks flying by in literally seconds? It's insane. There's so much going on, and so many awesome things.

It's been a while since I've been able to give a little life update and just straight up chat about some great things, because why the heck not? The longer I've been blogging, the more I realize that it doesn't really matter what I post, as long as I'm happy with it. I think this kind of segment will be something I do more often, just sharing the love, ya know!?

And for that exact reason, I present to you some good f*cking things:

+ America by Childish Gambino - Ok, I just can't stop. I want to listen to this song all day everyday. I want to watch the video, I want to tweet at Childish Gambino, I want to shout from the rooftops "this song is everythingggg"

+ Toronto Flower Market - Ooooh baby. It's back, and there's even more than ever before. The Toronto Flower Market is honestly one of my favourite things about Spring/Summer in Toronto. Gimme all 'dem fresh flowers (and please let their be peonies!) I'm super excited to take my mom there this Saturday!

+ We're going to Montreal - I'm SO pumped for this. Pete and I are heading to Montreal for the long weekend and we couldn't be more excited. We've both never explored the city and we can't wait to wander around. We're taking the train there and then flying home, and will be eating a lot of bagels, poutine and drinking all of the coffee.

+ BBQ SZN - It's finally nice out in Toronto (knock on wood!) and Pete and I just filled the propane tank for the BBQ. It's only been a week and dinners have proven to be effing delicious and it feels like we have a world of options! I'm going to be sharing some fun recipes soon on the blog!

+ Buffalo + Hotel Henry - Pete and I headed to Buffalo for the day/night a few weeks ago for a little pick-me-up/Target run (lol) We found this super cool and trendy hotel to stay at there called "Hotel Henry" it was just gorgeous and had so much character and you should definitely stay there if and when you ever go to Buffalo.

+ Edit Seven - Tonight at the event I was at, I got to chat with the lovely Gracie Carroll for a long while. She's so awesome and I am so excited to follow along her new adventure at Edit Seven because my goodness is it ever a breath of fresh air and something we needed here in Toronto (and Canada!)

+ Last year my mom and I went on a little mother/daughter trip and it's becoming an annual thing because why the heck wouldn't it be? I am SO pumped because we're headed to The June Motel next month! (in June, how fitting!) I've wanted to check this gorgeous spot out since it opened and I am excited for a mini getaway with my #1 gal.

There you have it, life is good. SO GOOD! Hope you're having a lovely week!

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