November 10, 2014

Girl Crush/Life Hero : Tiffany Pratt

Happy Monday! Oh, so it's here again. I am looking forward to this week and started today feeling like I am going to make this an amazing week!

Tonight I wanted to do a little blog post about Tiffany Pratt. I first saw some of Tiffany's stuff online a few years ago and then in 2014 officially fell in love with what this human being is capable of. What is so cool about the internet, is you can find someone who you feel shares so many interests as you, does and creates beautiful things, and inspires people along the way. People like this make the world a little brighter and most definitely more colourful and sparkly (obviously) And to top it all off, she is from my favourite city in the world, Toronto ♥

Last week I got to attend an event where Tiffany lead a craft at Mendocino. When I found out this was happening, I knew it would be something I absolutely adore since I feel like Tiffany and I are alike in so many ways! The event was just absolutely lovely and I have to say, Tiffany was just as beautiful, sweet and magical as I have always imagined! She was so kind, vibrant and full of life, and she's become even more of an inspiration!

If you want some inspiration, something to brighten your day or be a positive influence, take some time to get to know Tiffany! I just spent some time on her website, and I am just in awe of all she does. I want to paint the world with sparkles right now.

So, get in on this and make your Monday, your week, and your LIIIIIFE magical*

// instagram : @thetiffanypratt
// twitter : @thetiffanypratt
// Video to get to know Tiffany Pratt

All photo's were taken from Tiffany's official site

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  1. Whoa! So colourful. The two of you definitely need to team up & create something together, it would be awesome!


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