September 30, 2015

Etsy 30 Day Challenge With Hey Jules!

Oh hello there, I've got some very exciting news that I am beyond thrilled to (finally) share! I have been selected by Etsy to host the Etsy 30 Day Challenge and I could not be more excited about this adventure!

What is the 30 day challenge? First off, definitely take a few minutes to check out the site for all the details, but to sum it up for you: I am going to be opening my own shop in 30 days! I will follow 8 different lessons to get me ready to make a dream I've had for a while finally come true. There will be 8 lessons & videos (starring yours truly) talking about the lessons & sharing some tips. There will be mentors to offer advice and support and a wicked awesome Facebook Group where myself and other creatives will be posting about their progress, ideas and all things related to the challenge! I am excited to support others with a similar dream to make it happen! I will also be posting my progress, struggles, ideas and more on this little blog here.

I've really thought about opening an Etsy shop for a while now. At first I wasn't too sure what I'd sell, but in the past year I've realized how much I love to write and create pretty things and knew this is what I would do when thinking about what to sell in my shop. I've done some thinking about what I want to create, but I am still in the very early stages and will be really taking this challenge and crushing it out. I've had the thought so many times before, and have even had it on some of my goal lists (like yearly goals, things to do birthday my birthday etc) The 30 Day Challenge is literally the exact push I need to MAKE THIS FINALLY HAPPEN!

Have you or anyone you know ever thought about opening your own shop? I'd love for you to join me! Join & like the Facebook Group and sign up for the challenge if you're up for this!

I will be updating all my social media outlets throughout my etsy adventure, follow along ♥ :
Instagram (personal account)// @heyjulesxo 
Instagram (crafty/etsy account) // @cutebyjules
Twitter // @heyjulesxo
Facebook (hey jules) /HeyJulesBlog
Facebook (30 day etsy challenge) /HeyJulesEtsyChallenge

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  1. Woooo this is so exciting Jules!!! So happy for you, this is awesome!


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