January 5, 2016

Drink Free January!

Hello Loves!

So Pete and I decided a little while before Christmas that we're going to do a "Drink Free January" - there wasn't a ground breaking moment or incident that made us decide this or anything, it was just something we both wanted to do.

We are now less than five months away from our wedding (oh my gosh, what?) so we are really kicking things in to high gear. Spending way more time wedding planning, organizing, and getting things ready for our big day, and with that also means getting healthy!

Now, I should mention that we aren't hardcore boozers or anything. It's not like we need a drink every single day. It's just I think we can all agree that sometimes we drink just because we can, and it becomes a habit (just like so many others) and I think it's nice to know there are things like this we can live without for any given amount of time.

Here are five reasons why I am doing a drink free January:
  • save money: Drinking can be pricey! Especially when you're going out and getting drinks from a restaurant or bar. I am always trying to get better at saving money in general and I think I've come a long way! The money I save this month from not drinking I am putting towards my Vegas fund (because I will definitely be drinking there! haha)
  • challenge myself: I think with anything like this whether it be eating healthy, saving money or giving something up it's always good to challenge yourself and prove you can do something as long as you set your mind to it. It builds your confidence, and helps you to set bigger and better goals for the future.
  • give my body a break: Over the Christmas holidays we had so many parties and events to go to that we were going out and doing things all week and on the weekends. On top of eating so many things always, we were getting drinks, attending holiday parties and hosting as well. With a new year, comes an opportunity for a fresh start! I am already feeling really good drinking lots of water, tea and well let's face it...coffee (because I am only HUMAN you guys!)
  • work on getting healthy: I never really considered how much drinking can play a part on weight loss and getting healthy (I know that sounds crazy but it's true) and since we are really crushing it and working on making some changes, this is really good timing to get the ball rolling and really feel like we are making a difference. 
  • prove i'm still really fun without drinking: Because let's be honest, sometimes we forget that we can still have fun even when we're sober! When we picture ourselves getting together to celebrate, meet up with friends or make plans, these all often involve drinking. This month will be a good reminder that you don't need alcohol to spend time with friends and enjoy yourself!
Do you have any big goals for January? Have you ever done a drink free month/challenge?

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  1. I am doing the exact same thing with my parents this month - so far, so good! Definitely doing it for many of the same reasons. Wine is so great with dinner and with friends but it's also OK without!


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