July 30, 2019

six month pregnancy update!

Wow, I can't believe it! Today I'm 24 weeks pregnant. SIX months! The first trimester went by so slowly of course, as it's also a really emotional one as you're waiting to hit that 12 week milestone.

The past few months have been flying by, it's like I blink and another week has gone by and it's a Tuesday and I'm another week further along. I've been feeling really great. People weren't lying when they said how awesome the second trimester is. I've been trying to take advantage of the fact I'm still feeling so good and mobile! Pete and I are always out and about, going for walks, making plans and getting things done around the house.

All things considered, I feel very lucky (knock on wood) to of had a good pregnancy so far. I am just navigating my way through each week, symptom, feeling and milestone and being positive as best I can.

A few special things to share on pregnancy so far:

  • The babe is due the day before my Dad's birthday (yes I cried when I heard that)
  • We're having a BOY, in case you missed that announcement on my instagram
  • He's been kicking + moving soooo much lately - it's so exciting!
  • I have to admit I am feeling so good and feel lovely, the female body is magical
I wanted to share a few resources/things I've enjoyed during my pregnancy so far

// Babylist - Legit the best invention! It's a (cute af) sit you can use to register for your shower(s) and you can literally pull links from any website - brilliant!
// The Bump App - There are tons of different apps for this, but it's an awesome week by week update on you and your baby. How you're feeling, the way your body changes etc.
// The Flo App - This app is also great and I used it for about 5-6 months before we got pregnant. It's great if you're looking to get pregnant, it keeps track of your period, fertility etc.
// The Mother Of All Pregnancy Books - My pal recommended this and it's been awesome. There is some kinda scary stuff in there but all educational whether good or bad - great stuff to know.
// Rebel Mamas - This is just a really cool site that is a collection of badass mamas and cool content! A book, blogs, and a really kickass book I hope to read soon!
// Minimalist Baby Registry Blog Post - This was one of my favourite blog posts I found about baby registries (which can be so very stressful) a lot of good suggestions and advice.
// The Magic Of Motherhood - This book is a collection of love, loss, heart ache and everything in between from all different mamas from around their world and their stories. So lovely
// Bio Oil - This is good to rub on the belly. Who knows if this works or not but it's been known to be a good thing for stretch marks as your bump grows!
// Coffee + Crumbs Podcast - A great motherhood podcast hosted by the many awesome mamas from Coffee + Crumbs. I've only listened to a few but loved them so far.
// Loeppsky's Life - Delilah is so cute. A mama of two (and Canadian!) I love her simple little videos about pregnancy, motherhood, decor and more! Positive and lighthearted and a nice treat.
// Happiest Baby On The Block - I haven't started reading this yet but it was recommended by a few different people! I've ordered it and it will arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

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