May 11, 2015

Home SWEET Home // We're ENGAGED!

Oh hello there, and Happy Monday(!!!)

Pete and I got back from our trip on Saturday afternoon, and oh boy have things been really really good (and exciting) >> In case you don't happen to follow me on Instagram or any other social media, I am beyond excited to share that Pete and I are engaged!!!

Even though we have been together for close to 7 years, I still cannot believe it and am still on cloud nine because of the news! ♥  - the reaction from our family and friends has been beyond incredible and makes us so happy. My heart feels like it's going to explode! 

Today was my first day back from work and I got SOOOO many hugs and congrats from everyone, it was such an amazing welcome and I was feeling even happier! In the afternoon my colleague asked me to go in to one of our meeting rooms, and as I opened the door all my co-workers were inside and yelled congrats and had flowers, balloons and cupcakes in there to celebrate. The photo I posted on Instagram to announce our engagement was on the projector, our amazing photographer was snapping photo's and I was balling (lol) Then they put me in the hot seat and made me tell them all how it all happened! So speaking of that, I will share (some of) how Pete proposed...

Pete and I were in Connemara which is not far from Galway in Ireland. We were lucky enough to stay in an absolutely beautiful place called Ballynahinch Castle that is basically the most magical place ever. We checked in on the Monday afternoon and would be there for two nights. The castle was absolutely beautiful and so old and classic. On Tuesday around lunch time we headed out to go explore on one of the walking trails which are part of the grounds of the castle. I thought nothing of it, and I was decked out in my wellies, a casual outfit and my toque! We went for a walk on the first trail, and Pete said oh let's do one more! The second trail was even more beautiful, everything in Ireland is so beautiful and lush, and the sights were just perfect. We were walking along the trail when we came up to a big open spot right on the water. There was a cute little bench and in the distance, a mountain, big green trees and a little bridge across from us. I had my DSLR camera and I was capturing one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, after I was done taking the photo, out of the corner of my eye I saw Pete, and when I turned around there he was DOWN ON ONE KNEE, asking me to MARRY HIM! I can't even remember what happened next! Other than a lot of tears and excitement, and really just pure joy.

After I said yes and he put on my ring, we just hugged and celebrated and sat on that perfectly cute bench by the water and had a drink and took it all in. Oh it was just perfect! On the walk back we took lots more photo's because it was just incredible. As an older Irish couple walked by Pete yelled "We're Engaged!" and they hugged me! hahaha, and said congrats and took our photo. The staff at the hotel got us some champagne and were all SO sweet! We went and sat in the living room by the fire, and read our books. During this time a guest from the hotel came in an played piano and it was so beautiful, it was absolutely perfect. This all happened just after lunch time in Ireland, which is 5 hours ahead of back home. We waited until our friends and family were home from work so we could call and FaceTime them! It felt crazy but awesome to have so long to take it all in and just be soooo excited to share the news. After calling and texting a bunch of close family and friends, we posted it on Instagram & Facebook and were just so beyond happy to read everyones kind words. 

As you can imagine the rest of the trip was pretty damn amazing too! We celebrated Pete's birthday the next day and just everything was even more awesome than ever before.

Pete and I are so excited to plan our big day! We just love being hosts and planning fun parties and such that we are really stoked to make this such an amazing day to celebrate with the people we love most!

And to be honest, I don't even know where to start! Believe it or not, I have never been the type of girl who knows exactly what dress she wants, the colour scheme and every last detail. I am excited to get crafty and creative and plan the most special celebration of our lives!


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  1. This is so cute and I'm sure it's a lovely place to go! It's my first time on your blog but congrats, it was really lovely to read this! I wish you the best!


    CĂ©line from Larry & Co.


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