May 20, 2015

(omg) so we're engaged! now what?

[ this photo was taken at work when my coworkers surprised me my first day back with so much love ]

Happy Wednesday Loves!

// We had an amazing long weekend with my family up at the cabin and it was just wonderful and so much fun to celebrate with everyone!

So before doing some awesome trip related posts, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the well wishes and good vibes. It's been a really special few weeks and Pete and I are so overwhelmed from the love everyone has been giving us.

Like I said before, we are both so excited to plan our wedding and make it the most fun celebration ever, that reflects us both as best we can. However, it's also a crazy thought to even know where to start at this point. We are hoping to get married around this time next year, so we need to get moving so that we can find a venue.

So, I am asking you my fellow blogger babes - Do you have any tips on planning a wedding? blogs, websites, instagram accounts, or any wedding planning related info to share? I'd love to hear your favourites as this next year will be a very crafty, fun and sparkly time to plan our big day.

Please leave a comment if you have anything to recommend! Can't wait to hear ♥

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