June 5, 2017

cute toronto - baddies

b   a   d   d   i   e   s       ///
For our first wedding anniversary Pete and I made a list of fun things to do in Toronto and were off on some great adventures! We had lots of things on our list and almost completed every single thing! One thing on our list was to check out a really awesome brunch spot/cafe in the west end called Baddies.

It's beautifully crisp and white inside. The decor is perfect and most definitely a dream as far as pretty photo's go. Marble table tops, ashy tones, lovely wallpaper and stadium style benches in one part of the cafe. The menu is small and simple, but awesome. I had the smashed avocado toast with egg and Pete had a breakfast sandwich. Our food was SO good! Absolutely delicious. After our food we enjoyed two of the most glorious cappuccino's you ever did see.

I was excited to bust out my DSLR for the first time in a while! Excited to (try) and get back into the whole blogging thing and really make some more time for this here lil' baby.

Toronto pals, or anyone visiting - you should definitely check out Baddies when you're here. They're open Monday - Saturday 8am-4pm.  -- 679 Landsdowne Ave is the address, and for a little more love + inspiration follow them on Instagram @baddies.caf but for now, enjoy some of my  snaps! ♥

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